AustCham China should be the first point of contact for any company or organisation wishing to either enter or increase their presence and influence within the China market. We possess the knowledge and an extensive network that enables us to assist members with their business activities.

Each year AustCham holds around 80 events. As a result, we are experienced at organising functions and delegation support and have strong relationships with the major hotels in Beijing. We can therefore manage these services on your behalf, leaving you assured that the event will be organised and run in a professional manner. We regularly coordinate events with the Australian Federal and State Governments, the Chinese Government, universities and companies.

Event Support

We can fully support your event at every stage, our services include:

We work regularly with most major hotels in Beijing, as such we can hire rooms and services at favourable rates, which we pass onto you through our competitive pricing.

We have over 200 member companies across a wide range of industries who are always interested in meeting possible new partners and contacts in China. We are able to handle an invitation list combining both guests that you specifically wish to invite, and guests from our network who we can invite on your behalf. Our team can handle the RSVPs, guest inquiries and liaising with the venue on final guest numbers.

We can provide high-quality bilingual interpreters through our exclusive translation partner, NiHao Global. NiHao Global is an Australian-Chinese company which operates across most major cities in China, with contact offices in Hong Kong and Sydney. Interpreters can accompany particular guests throughout the event or roam and interpret where needed. You can request consecutive or simultaneous translation for conversations, speeches or other announcements.

We arrange for professional photographers who can roam throughout events or take particular photos where directed.

AustCham can print a wide range of publications at much lower prices than found at most public printing stores or at hotels. We can arrange almost any document, from menus to banners, to be printed and brought to the event.

Our events manager and team can staff your event. This includes running the reception desk, guiding guests to and around the venue, liaising between the venue, other suppliers and your company throughout the entire process.

Through our marketing channels, including English and Chinese social media, our website and monthly newsletter, we can actively promote your event to a wide audience.


Your event can be run and advertised under entirely your own branding, or as a joint event with AustCham China. The degree to which you want our branding to be involved is your choice.


In addition to inviting specific guests, you can also invite particular member companies or advertise your event to our entire membership and marketing audience. We have over 200 member companies that include multinational Australian firms to SMEs based in Australia or China. The industries they represent include everything from agriculture to financial services. We do have a strong focus on particular industries, through our Industry Working groups for Food & Agribusiness, Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Financial Services, Energy, Education and SMEs. Each of these working groups has a dedicated committee comprised of senior industry professionals, regular working group publications and tailored events.


We can arrange for engaging and high-quality emcees, guest speakers or panellists drawn from our member companies. Our members see these invitations as opportunities to connect with potential new partners and contacts in China and are always happy to be involved. In particular, our board members are strong supporters of our events and frequently attend occasions ranging from exclusive high-level roundtable discussions to our annual AustCham ball.

Event Categories

Our team is able to cater for the type of event you wish to hold. Most of the events we organise are:

We usually arrange these events at international five-star hotels. In partnership with the hotel, we can organise special menus and cater for any dietary requirements.

These events are often organised for delegations coming to China with a specific interest, e.g. aged care services. We can invite appropriate industry specialists and high-level professionals from our membership.

This event is typically run with a panel of experts and an emcee, holding a panel discussion and then a Q&A session on a specific topic or question. This is often followed by a short reception at the venue.

We can organise this sort of informal gathering at a hotel or other venue, to welcome or introduce a person or company to our community in Beijing.

We can organise this kind of occasion with relevant attendees, a focus of this event is often the photography and post-event reception which we can also provide.

Our team has strong relationships with a number of Australian universities, many of whom are AustCham members. We can work with universities, alumni associations and relevant partners to organise events focused on alumni from Australian universities.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and the categories are not strict definition of the events we can arrange. We have the expertise and capacity to organise an event of the type and tone you require for five to 600 people.


We are able to provide you with a favourable price for any of these events, because of our good relationships with all our event partners and also because we are member-based NGO. While we make a modest profit on our events, the primary aim of our organisation is to serve the interests of our members. We hold these events as a service to our members, to help them forge links with each other and within the wider China community.

Event Venues

In Beijing, most corporate and government events of every size are generally held at hotels. Below is a list of hotels with which we have excellent working relationships.

For more information and/or a tailored quote, please contact Gabriella Yan at