Member News: Hatchery Soft Launch Promotion

Hatchery – Beijing’s first restaurant incubator – is opening its doors and we welcome you to celebrate with us by enjoying some killer promotions!

Limited dinner reservations are now open for Hatchery’s first concept, Mighty Mo’s – book now and don’t miss out.


Mighty Mo’s Story

The saltiest of seadogs who travelled the South Pacific in search of the world’s finest seafood. Over his years of buccaneering, he found the New Zealand green-lipped mussel to be supreme and spent his remaining years in the Antipodes dodging pirates and perfecting the mussel pot. In his quest he found crafty beers to be the heartiest accompaniment and we are proud to bring the spoils of his years of toil and seafaring to the bows of Hatchery, Beijing.

Hatchery Soft Launch Schedule

1 – 6 Feb: Mighty Mo’s Dinner 50% Off Food (Reservations Only)

7 – 13 Feb: Spring Festival

18 – 29 Feb: Mighty Mo’s 50% Off Food (Reservations Only)


Reservations open Monday 25th January via email. All reservations to be directed to


About Hatchery

Based in Beijing, China, Hatchery is an innovative platform that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and local communities to develop, test, launch, and enjoy exciting new food and beverage ideas. Since our founding in 2015, we have been working hard to bring more of the world’s unique flavours and cuisines to China.

Hatchery is currently headquartered at a multi-purpose space in Tuanjiehu, Beijing. Within the venue is a 250 square metre dining area with seating for up to 100 diners, fully stocked bar, private dining rooms, and a table-tennis table. The Hatchery kitchen occupies 180 square metres with bakery, large food preparation areas, professional kitchen equipment and food storage facilities.

Hatchery Details

Opening Hours: 5.30pm-11pm

English address: 12 Nongzhanguan Nanli,  Chaoyang district

Chinese Address: 朝阳区农展馆南里12号

Telephone: 6594 0188



by Gabriella Yan News