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Open Colleges, a leading online vocational training provider in Australia, is looking to expand its operations globally.

To this end, Open Colleges is looking for local partners within the education sector to secure a suitable working arrangement. The local partners may be in student recruitment or may be operating a traditional education institute seeking to expand its market share by increasing the number of courses on offer and by taking these courses online.

With its extensive range of vocational courses, Open Colleges provides Australian accredited courses that can be delivered on-campus, by way of blended learning or as on-line courses. The combination of quality Australian recognised vocational courses and innovative course delivery, has made Open Colleges a market leader in the vocational training sector in Australia.

Open Colleges has invested heavily in developing a proprietary fully asynchronous online learning platform, a highly advanced and powerful system that has been fine-tuned over the years to deliver a wide range of courses that can be customised and translated to suit local market requirements.

Partnership with Open Colleges, gives its business partners the advantage of almost immediate delivery of its online courses through the Open Colleges learning platform without having to pay millions of dollars to develop a similar system or go through years of trial-and-error to get it right.

Alternatively, Open Colleges also provides B2B corporate training for businesses that require on-going staff training, either purely online or as a blended learning option. This can be customised according to the needs of the individual businesses.

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Contact Name: Marie Bennett

Position: Director International Business and Partnerships

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